Neck Lift

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Is a Neck Lift Right for Me?

Neck lift surgery can be helpful for patients who may be dissatisfied with a variety of imperfections throughout their neck region, such as: excess skin, excess fat, wrinkling, loose neck muscles and asymmetry. The procedure helps to improve visible signs of aging that occur in the jawline and neck.

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Neck Lift Houston

For some patients, the signs of aging may first become apparent throughout the neck, making them appear older than they are. In order to alleviate these signs and to help patients attain the younger look they are seeking, Dr. Livingston offers neck lift surgery (“platysmaplasty”).

Neck lift surgery can be helpful for those patients who may be dissatisfied with a variety of imperfections throughout their neck region, such as:

  • Excess skin
  • Excess fat
  • Wrinkling
  • Loose neck muscles
  • Asymmetry

Whether it is due to factors that include aging or extreme weight loss, neck lift surgery can rejuvenate and tighten the neck, leaving patients looking as young as they feel.

For patients who are experience more diffuse and severe signs of aging, neck lift surgery can be performed in combination with a variety of other procedures, such as brow lift surgery (“forehead lift surgery”), eyelid surgery (“blepharoplasty“), and facelift surgery (“rhytidectomy”). By thoroughly evaluating your concerns, Dr. Livingston will be able to suggest the best course of action to suit your goals.

Neck Lift Procedural Steps

General anesthesia is usually necessary to ensure a pain-free experience.

Dr. Livingston will begin by creating incisions behind the ears and/or beneath the chin in which excess skin and fat will be removed. The neck muscles (“platysma”) may also be released and/or altered to help achieve a tighter neck appearance. When the neck sculpting is completed, Dr. Livingston will then precede by redraping the skin in its new position and closing the incisions behind the ears and/or beneath the chin with sutures.

Typically, the surgery will last anywhere from two to three hours or longer, should the patient choose to have other procedures performed as well.

The Results of a Neck Lift

After surgery, the patient will be placed in dressings and a compression garment that will support the new position of the neck muscles and prevent bruising and swelling. In some cases, drains may be placed that require removal within several days along with the postoperative bandages. Sutures will usually be removed within seven to 10 days and the compression garment worn at night for four weeks.

Patients are able to return to work within one week but full unrestricted physical activity is typically not reinstated until six weeks following surgery to allow proper time for the incisions to heal. After the swelling and bruising resolve, the patient will be left with a more youthful looking neck. With results from the procedure being long-lasting, patients can look forward to a renewed appearance. Although neck lift surgery cannot stop the effects of aging, it may turn back the clock and help patients experience an improved appearance.