Would You Buy Someone a Facelift as a Gift?

As far as gift ideas go, facelift surgery is considered unconventional by many people… And yet, it actually has the potential to be the ideal gift, under the right circumstances. Why? Well, to begin with, facelift surgery has improved enormously over the last two decades. Today’s facelifts are very safe and extremely effective. They don’t just stretch the skin in order to smooth out wrinkles; instead, modern methods like the deep plane facelift and SMAS facelift treat the underlying tissues of the face. The facial muscles are gently “lifted” so that fat deposits resume their prior position and the skin is properly supported; finally, loose skin is removed. Not only does this approach create an incredibly natural looking result, it’s very long-lasting. If you get someone a facelift as a present, you can expect this gift to keep on giving for 10 to 15 years.

Furthermore, there are a number of different facelift procedures available today, including mini facelifts. These alternatives provide viable options for younger patients and patients who are hesitant to try invasive surgery.

Still, there’s no question that gifting a facelift is a delicate matter, to put it mildly. This isn’t the kind of present you can spring on someone without risking offending them or making them insecure. So, how do you gift plastic surgery with style? Read on to find out…

3 Tips for Giving the Gift of Facelift Surgery

  1. Make sure the receiver actually wants plastic surgery.

You may have heard your loved one joke around about “needing a facelift” or lamenting the fact that he (or she) thinks s/he “looks old.” This is, however, absolutely no guarantee that facelift surgery will be an appropriate gift. If a person is upset about “looking older,” offering them the choice of surgery may look like a validation of their concerns.

Typically, it is better to either wait for someone to come to you and seriously discuss their desire to have surgery, or bring up the topic gently and earnestly. You can, for example, try mentioning the general subject of facelift surgery (e.g., asking how your loved one feels about other people getting facelifts). If he (or she) gives a favorable response, you can gradually steer the discussion into more personal territory.

  1. Make sure the receiver is a good candidate for facelift surgery.

You can’t simply walk into a plastic surgeon’s office and ask for facelift surgery in the same way you would order takeout… This procedure is, after all, still a major operation. Your loved one will need to be in good overall health and a current nonsmoker in order to be a suitable plastic surgery candidate.

If your loved one hasn’t had a check-up in a while, we recommend having him or her speak to his or her doctor about the possibility of having surgery. Your family physician can then do any necessary tests in order to verify that your loved one is fit for surgery. Once this is complete, your loved one will need to have a facelift consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Yes, we know doing all of this completely ruins the surprise, but it’s the only way to make sure that your gift can be accepted. Additionally, going in for a consultation will ensure that you both know what to expect expense-wise. You don’t want to get into a situation where you find out at the last minute that your loved one also needs a neck lift and brow lift, for instance… And then you’re both left debating who will pay for the extra work that needs to be done.

  1. Make all of the necessary arrangements.

Facelift recovery time is shorter than it used to be, but the patient will still need to plan to take two to three weeks off of work. You or a trained nurse will also need to be around to help him or her during the first week after surgery. (Grogginess from anesthesia and pain medication will render the patient unable to perform many basic tasks alone, such as bathing or preparing food.) Make sure all of these lifestyle alterations are possible and planned for before you book a consultation.

If your loved one meets all of the criteria discussed above, you’ll be happy to know that winter is the perfect time to gift plastic surgery. Because most people take a vacation at this time of year, no one will wonder why your loved one is taking two or more weeks off work. Social obligations also tend to dramatically wind down after New Year’s, giving us all some peaceful time in which to rest. Finally, your loved one will find it easier to “cover up” and hide healing incisions thanks to the cool weather.