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Did You Know?

The cost of silicone breast implants are approximately $1000/implant while saline implants are $500/implant.  There are new manufacture warranties that cover the life of the implant and will give financial assistance for the revision surgery should the implant fail.

What is Plastic Surgery?

I like to think of plastic surgery as a blend of art, medicine, science, and imagination. But plastic surgery really is derived from the latin word plastikos which means to mold or shape. Plastic surgery as a speciality in surgery…

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Understanding the Fraxel Laser

1) What is sun damaged and aged skin? As we age and have increasing amounts of sun exposure, the skin becomes weathered in appearance with fine lines, wrinkles, furrows, and irregular texture. Sun spots and age spots appear as pigmented…

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Fat Grafting in Houston, Texas

Liposuction has become a very common cosmetic procedure.  The fat that is removed can be utilized rather than disgarded.  Fat grafting can be a very satisfying procedure if done correctly.  It can smooth contour irregularities after liposuction, augment, and correct facial…

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