When you choose Dr. Livingston as your surgeon, you get exactly what you’d expect when you work with the BEST of the best! From the moment you walk in and are warmly greeted by JoJo, you feel welcome and at home. It isn’t the snobby, look down your nose from those who are coming in for any myriad of reasons. We are all welcomed in the same. Whether by choice, in having a strictly cosmetic procedure or by unfortunate requirement of reconstructive surgery. I have never been kept waiting and always been seen on time. Which shows they value my time, just as much as they see the value in theirs. Courtney always has such a bubbly, enthusiastic approach in every appt. You can tell she is truly happy to be there and wants to help each and every patient. Her genuine caring and compassion doesn’t just ‘happen’. Enter Dr. Livingston….he walks in and immediately quells any and all fears of what can sometimes be the most awkward situation of your life (standing there naked, getting your worst ‘bits’ analyzed). Professional? Understatement! Perfectionist? Again, understatement! He wants to bring the best that you can be out. That’s what I mean by perfectionist. There is no such thing as perfection….it is making you the most perfect you can be, without ever looking ‘done’. He wants people to walk in a room and look/feel the best they can feel. If he can make someone feel that way…..he has done his job! He has not only made me feel the most beautiful; I never thought I could feel this amazing. So how can thank you ever be enough? The thanks I can give is to spread the word of his amazing talent and wonderful staff. But I will still say THANK YOU!!


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