To Whom It May Concern:

I would highly recommend Dr. Livingston for cosmetic surgery. The main reason I think he is the best is because he specializes in performing both reconstructive surgery and breast augmentations. His expertise met my needs for both a breast lift and implants. He is the only plastic surgeon of the five with whom I consulted, who was skilled in both areas.

My expectations and requirements were extremely high, even off the charts, to the point of being ridiculous. I was so ecstatic once I saw and experienced the results of the surgery. EVERYTHING that I wanted, Dr. Livingston did. First, he made my breasts look very natural and real; in no way does anyone think they are otherwise. Second, Dr. Livingston was able to create exactly what I requested after looking at pictures I gave him of my favorite performer, bearing it all. Dr. Livingston’s precise and quality surgery is no less than a work of art. He molded my breasts in perfect proportion to the rest of my figure. Third, all my clothes still fit perfectly, except for maybe a dress or two.

As a professional sales person for an upscale magazine in Austin, Texas, I want to look my best at all times; therefore my appearance matters a whole lot to me. It took me diligent research and time to interview different plastic surgeons in the Austin/San Antonio Area to determine the best one to do my surgery. I feel fortunate and blessed to have found Dr. Livingston. In addition, his price was the most competitive, especially for the quality job he did for me.

I totally believe that those who choose Dr. Livingston for breast surgery will be as happy and satisfied with their results, as I am. He can do it all and is the best!



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