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Alternative Uses for Botox You’ve Probably Never Thought of Before

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Although Botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure globally, you would think most of us would realize its full scope of treatments to help us look and feel our best. Not so. Not only is this amazing injectable widely used, but its a range of effectiveness is widespread as well.

When we think about how Botox can help us look our best, we focus on its ability to halt muscle movement to resolve facial wrinkles about the forehead and eyes. Although this solution is its most common application, it has multiple uses for aesthetics and plastic surgeons to use for our advantage.

A Temporary Face Lift

It can be effective in jawline improvement, soften wrinkles around eyes, and lift the tip of the nose. These Botox results can give you a quick facelift effect in a short period with no downtime.

A Temporary Nose Job

As we age, our nose may start to sag to form a prominent hook which alters our facial appearance. Botox injections can help lift the nose, correct the hook, and take years off your appearance within a few minutes. Dr. Livingston can inject Botox between the nostrils at the nose at its base to release the muscle, pull down the nose, and provide more elevation to your facial appearance.

Chin and Jawline

Patients who grind their teeth notice a wider jawline over time. Injecting Botox in this area, Dr. Livingston can shrink the muscle causing your jawline to narrow. This result will last about 12 months and can also give your cheeks an uplifted appearance as well. It will also reduce any pain associated with grinding the teeth.


When jowls emerge, the jawline becomes less prominent and defined. Botox injections to the muscles adjacent to the jawbone will pull the skin taut to add definition to the jawline.

Lip Lift

Dr. Livingston can roll the upper lip with Botox injection along the lip border. This technique will plump up your pout for a lip lift which costs less the collagen injections.

Sleek Neck

A Botox necklace is injections completely around the neck area to ease muscle tension and give the neck a smoother, leaner appearance. Treatments last about three or four months.

Other Alternative Uses

Wrinkle-Free Decollete

A sure sign of age are lines which develop between a woman’s breasts. Injecting Botox in the pectoral muscles can resolve these lines giving a more youthful cleavage.

Stop Migraines

By relaxing muscles and blocking tension in the head area, Botox can also block pain signals directed to the brain. These injections will be in the temple, scalp, and forehead. They are the last resort treatment when all other treatments have proven to be ineffective.

Don’t Sweat It

Similarly, Botox may also be effective in blocking sweat glands from producing sweat. This technique will result in dryness in normally sweaty areas. For patients who have hyperhidrosis, a medical condition of excessive sweating, injections in areas like the underarms and palms will bring relief. The results are significant, and the treatment is FDA approved.

Manage Acne

Because Botox can be effective in reducing oil production, it may reduce acne breakouts. Because large amounts of Botox are necessary for acne treatment, the treatment may constrict the facial muscles completely, preventing any expressions or muscle movement.

However, tiny Botox amounts superficially injected for oil reduction will allow facial expressions and muscle movement. Because of these side-effects, patients should exhaust other treatment options before considering Botox.

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