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Lip Lift

Houston Lip Enhancement by Dr. Christopher Livingston

Today, women are seeking more lip volume for fuller, plump, and sensual lips. A lip lift adds definition and volume by filler injections or a lip lift surgery.  It safely modifies lip contour, fullness, and size by raising the lip’s edges at the vermilion border.

A Houston lip lift is a surgical procedure that elevates the upper lip, shortens the distance between the base of the nose and upper lip and increases the amount of red exposed to naturally thin lips.

Whatever correction best suits you, surgical or non-surgical, Dr. Livingston has the credentials and experience to deliver you the best lip lift in Houston.

Learn more about our Houston, TX, lip lift by calling 281-501-1812 or scheduling a consultation today.

Dr. Livingston

Christopher Livingston, MD

“The most important part of plastic surgery is achieving a youthful, refreshed look, with minimal downtime.”

Board-Certified Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon

Chris Livingston, MD

I believe that every design is personal. The connection we have with clients determines how the projects will look at the end of the design process. We must understand the clients and bond with them, be a part of their dream. Their dream is our dream.

Lip Lift Candidates

Excellent candidates for a lip lift in Houston are women who feel the distance between their nose and lip is too long. Or, they may think their upper lip is too thin and needs more plumpness. Some women choose to start off with dermal fillers to test-drive the benefits. If they enjoy their new appearance, they can get a surgical lip lift for a more permanent result.

Lip Lift Benefits

There are multiple advantages to a correctly performed lip lift procedure. As we age, the upper lip tends to stretch and lengthen with gravity, much like other parts of our face. This phenomenon typically results in the red part of the lip rolling inward, which produces a thinning effect. Additionally, the upper lip falls downward and covers the upper teeth, making the mouth appear older. Lip lift benefits include:

  • Visible teeth
  • Enhances lip pinkness
  • Raises the corners of the mouth
  • Minimal scarring
  • Surgical or non-surgical options
  • Poutier appearance with a shortened upper lip
  • Improved lip shape
  • Natural results

Shortening the upper lift will reverse these changes, and the midface takes on a lifted and more rejuvenated appearance. Revealing more of the red lip portion provides a permanent look of greater lip fullness, which we find our younger patients love.

Lip Lift Surgical Techniques

Surgeons have used several techniques over the years to increase lip volume for a luscious pout. Original methods involve removing skin above the lip, where the skin meets the pink portion. This technique addresses the central part of the lip or Cupid’s bow. Or, it can lift the corners of your mouth, depending on which area needs more lifting.

Surgeons using more advanced techniques place the incision just under the nose, allowing for a less visible scar. They remove a small strip of skin, then close it with sutures. The altered upper lip lift technique includes a more stable suspension of the lip to create a long-lasting natural benefit.

A lip lift is a straightforward surgical correction performed as a stand-alone procedure or combined with other facial operations like facelift, blepharoplasty, or rhinoplasty. The process starts with skin markings to guide Dr. Livingston in the operating suite. Next, he administers a local anesthetic, similar to a dental procedure.

Next, Dr. Livingston excises a necessary portion of skin beneath the nose and closes the incision with tiny sutures to create the most pleasing result. He then covers the surgical site in an antibiotic ointment. You’ll need to return within a week to 10 days to have your stitches removed.

Non-Surgical Lip Lift

With a non-surgical lip lift, Dr. Livingston offers his patients the lip volume and shape they desire without anesthesia, incisions, recovery, or downtime.

Although the results are temporary, they can last up to one year depending on the type of filler used and your metabolism.   Maintenance appointments will ensure continued results. Many patients that have lip lifts with fillers may consider a lip lift in the future for improved result longevity. 

Amazing doctor, I was very pleased with my results! Dr. Livingston is attentive and honest, I would recommend him to anyone. The staff is amazing as well, you won’t be disappointed!

– Heidi (Google Reviews)

Lip Lift Recovery

There may be some swelling, tightness, and discomfort after a surgical lip lift.   There will be a compression bandage over the area for a few days and you will find this helpful during the recovery:

  • Swelling with minimal bruising and discomfort is normal and should not cause  alarm. Cool compresses and pain medications work well.
  • Expect some redness which always resolves over several weeks
  • Final results take several months
  • Dr. Livingston will prescribe you oral medications for discomfort and to prevent infection.

A non-surgical lip lift offers no recovery or downtime. You may experience some swelling after injections, but can return to your normal activities once you leave our office.

Why Choose Dr. Livingston for Your Lip Lift?

Dr. Christopher Livingston is a board-certified and recertified plastic surgeon with twenty years experience in lip lifting surgical and nonsurgical techniques.  His approachable demeanor will make you feel at ease from your first visit to your last. His skill, expertise, and artistic approach will address your cosmetic concerns and give you the confidence to undergo a lip lift for beautiful, plump, youthful lips.

To learn more about a surgical or non-surgical lip lift, request a consultation today.

Livingston Plastic Surgery: Houston Lip Lift FAQs

The benefits of a surgical lip lift are permanent, but your lips will continue to mature with natural aging after the procedure. Non-surgical results typically last up six months up to one year depending on the filler injected.

Many women who are good candidates for a lip lift hesitate to pursue the procedure because they fear they’ll have overly exaggerated results. Dr. Livingston performs lip lifts to create a subtle, natural enhancement. In the hands of a qualified and board certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Livingston, a patient can enter the procedure with the confidence of achieving excellent outcomes.

Lip lift surgery leaves a minimal and inconspicuous scar but does take time to mature and soften.  The key is choosing the right patient for this procedure, choosing a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in the surgical lip lift technique and performing the closure with no tension.

This depends on your examination, goals, and longevity of the results.  Dr. Livingston will take the time to describe each procedure and discuss your goals and expectations.  Both procedures will make your lips full and beautiful but there are major differences between them.

Your lip lift cost will vary depending on your goals. For example, combining an upper lip lift with a lower lip augmentation can increase your procedure’s complexity and total price tag. Dr. Livingston will give you an accurate price quote after meeting with you and learning more about your expectations.

Dr. Livingston applies a local anesthesia so there is minimal, if any, discomfort.

When performed by an expert surgeon on someone with sufficient distance between the base of their nose and their upper lift, a lip lift looks perfectly natural and does not lead to an “operated-on” appearance.

Severe medical conditions, infections, or open facial or lip sores can disqualify you from getting this surgery. In addition, people who have a short distance between their upper lip and nose may get less-than-ideal results from this surgery.

The mini lip flip uses cosmetic injectables to roll the upper lip outward, exposing more pink tissue to make your lips look fuller.

There is no such thing as the perfect age for a lip lift or any other plastic surgery. If you are in overall good health and would like to improve your appearance, schedule a consultation to discuss your expectations with Dr. Livingston.