6 Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation increases your breast size or restores volume to your breasts, using saline or silicone implants. For decades, it’s been the most sought-after plastic surgery procedure in America. But despite its huge popularity — more than 300,000 women have…

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New And Improved: Facelifts Through the Years

Would you believe facelifts have been around longer than heart surgeries? A lot longer, since the early 1900s. Just as aging is nothing new, neither is the desire to slow or stop its effects. And while the idea of surgically…

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Botox Myths: Fact or Fiction

Should you try Botox? So much has been said about it that it’s hard to tell the tall tales from the truth or the fact from the fiction. Below are ten common myths about Botox. To better explain them, we’ll…

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