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Breast Lift

BREAST LIFT in Houston, TX with Dr. Livingston

Livingston Plastic Surgery is recognized as one of the top plastic surgery centers in Texas and a consistent source of innovation, development and refinement in breast procedures.

Do you have breasts that sag and droop? Have they lost their natural perky appearance? Are you looking to raise or tighten your breasts? If your answers to any of these questions are yes, then you should consider a mastopexy (breast lift surgery). A mastopexy removes excess skin and tissues to raise and reshape the breast for a more youthful profile.

To learn more about breast lifts or to discuss your different options, request a consultation today.

Dr. Livingston

Christopher Livingston, MD

“The most important part of plastic surgery is achieving a youthful, refreshed look, with minimal downtime.”

Board-Certified Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon

Chris Livingston, MD

I believe that every design is personal. The connection we have with clients determines how the projects will look at the end of the design process. We must understand the clients and bond with them, be a part of their dream. Their dream is our dream.


As women age, breasts begin to lose their firmness and youthful appearance.  They become less shapely because of the decrease of the skin’s elasticity, the effects of gravity, and a loss of volume.

Breast lift surgery helps correct sagging breasts that have been affected by multiple factors:

  • Age
  • Heredity
  • Fluctuation in weight
  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Gravity

By reshaping the breasts’ skin and tissue, Dr. Livingston can help his patients achieve more youthful looking breasts. Following the evaluation of the breasts’ flaccidity and ptosis, the size and direction of the areolas, the shape and dimension of the breasts, and the quality of the breast skin, Dr. Livingston will decide which incision type and technique are best suited to help the patient achieve the best results possible.

Amazing doctor, I was very pleased with my results! Dr. Livingston is attentive and honest, I would recommend him to anyone. The staff is amazing as well, you won’t be disappointed!

– Heidi (Google Reviews)


An ideal candidate for mastopexy should be someone in good physical condition, is a nonsmoker, and realizes what a mastopexy can and cannot achieve.  Prospective candidates are typically those who are having trouble with loose skin and sagging breasts. Breast lift patients are approximately 40 years of age and are experiencing a change in breast volume, drooping nipples, and a change in breast shape.

They may also suffer from breast asymmetry, pendulous, downward-pointing nipples, and stretched skin. Before surgery, several assessments are required, including a consultation with a board-certified surgeon, bust line measurement, and a mammogram.


To prepare for a mastopexy, Dr. Livingston may instruct you to:

  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as they may increase bleeding
  • Stop smoking
  • Get a mammogram baseline before surgery and another one afterward to help detect any future changes in your breast tissue
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications
  • Get a medical evaluation or lab testing

Be sure to arrange for someone to accompany you to surgery and stay with you for the first night.


Breast surgery is a popular plastic surgery procedure which requires vast skill and experience. Dr. Livingston is not only a board-certified plastic surgeon, he teaches, trains, and lectures as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at University of Texas School of Medicine.

His practice has been offering exquisite aesthetic medicine and surgical procedures for years. He offers a state-of-the-art facility with advanced techniques and methodology to provide ideal results in a stress-free environment. Most importantly, he understands what each patient seeks when looking for their plastic surgeon.


Mastopexy is an outpatient surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. It typically lasts 1 1/2 – 3 hours. There is no one-size-fits-all technique as Dr. Livingston tailors your surgical plan to you and your unique body type. He uses one of three different incision techniques for the breast lift:

Through these incisions, Dr. Livingston can remove the excess skin and breast tissue. Subsequently, he places sutures deep within the layers of breast tissue to help support the new breast position. He then closes the incisions with sutures, and a compression garment is applied to help the breasts heal properly and reduce swelling and bruising.


A mastopexy can offer its patients many benefits and can be truly a life-changing procedure. There are many benefits of breast lift surgery:

  • More youthful body contour
  • A more feminine look
  • A more positive self-image
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased levels of self-confidence
  • Shopping for your clothing will get easier
  • Clothes and bras will fit better
  • Firmer breasts that do not sag


After surgery, we apply dressings, bandages, or a surgical garment to the incisions. You’ll need to wear a support bra to support your breasts and minimize swelling.

A thin, small tube may be placed under the skin temporarily to drain any excess fluid that may collect. We will provide specific instructions for your recovery:

  • How to care for your breasts after mastopexy
  • Medications to take orally or apply to reduce the risk of infection and aid healing
  • Specific concerns to look for in your general health or at the incision site
  • Post-surgical follow up instructions

Breast lift patients often express concern about the loss of breast tissue volume. As women age, it is common for their breasts to become smaller, sag, and lose mass. If you’ve lost volume or you want larger breasts, including a breast augmentation procedure to your treatment plan can help. Breast implants can restore your breasts volume and add volume and shape.  By achieving an optimal size and shape, you’ll increase the benefits of the mastopexy.

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After your surgery, you will notice immediate results, although after-surgery swelling may last two to four weeks. The final shape of your breasts may begin to take shape one to three weeks after the procedure. Scars from the incisions may continue to fade and flatten for up to one year following your procedure.

With breasts repositioned higher on the chest, patients will be able to enjoy their younger-looking breasts for a long time. To further enhance the results of surgery, Dr. Livingston may also suggest breast augmentation (mammaplasty) for added volume.

“Dear Dr. Livingston,

I wanted to let to send you a quick note to let you know how thrilled I am with the results of my breast lift and augmentation. You truly exceeded my expectations!

As you know, I was rather apprehensive about the scars associated with the lift. I am very happy that the incision only involved the areola and it is healing nicely. The shape and volume are beautiful! I could not ask for better proportion or natural appearance.

I feel so fortunate to have such a talented surgeon. I will recommend you to others. Thank you for helping me achieve confidence again! ~  Sincerely, (withheld)”

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Livingston Plastic Surgery: Breast Lift FAQs

Because each surgical plan is as unique as the patient, it is impossible to disclose the exact cost. After your consultation with Dr. Livingston, you will receive a complete quote which includes surgical center fees, Dr. Livingston’s fees, as well as the cost of anesthesia.

Absolutely. Combining a mastopexy with other procedures is common. The most common being with breast augmentation and breast reduction surgeries. Also, as part of the multi-surgical procedure called the Mommy Makeover, mastopexy can be combined with liposuction, tummy tuck, or facelift.

During surgery, you will feel nothing because we perform mastopexy under general anesthesia or sedation. There may be mild discomfort and swelling following surgery which we can control with oral medication and a post-surgical garment. After recovery, there should be no discomfort, so you can enjoy your aesthetic benefits pain-free.

Possibly. Although precautions are taken to prevent any damage to natural breast function, breastfeeding may or may not be affected by breast lift surgery. Dr. Livingston performs this procedure with the utmost care to prevent any nerve damage to the areola or to minimize any hindrance to breastfeeding in the future.

A consultation with Dr. Livingston can help determine whether a breast lift, breast implant, or combination is best for you. Generally, if you are looking to correct sagging and improve breast shape without significantly increasing size, a breast lift may be the right choice.

Recovery from a breast lift involves some discomfort, which we’ll help you manage with prescribed medications. You’ll wear a surgical bra to support your breasts as they heal. Most patients can return to work and light activities after a week, but vigorous activities should be avoided for four to six weeks.

As with any surgery, mastopexy carries risks, such as infection, scarring, changes in nipple or breast sensation, and asymmetry. During your consultation, Dr. Livingston will discuss all potential risks and complications with you.

As with all surgeries, there will be scarring at the incision site. However, Dr. Livingston performs most incision techniques in areas where your body will conceal the incisions even when wearing a bathing suit or summer attire. Scars will fade gradually with time, and with proper wound care, will be close to invisible. During your consultation, Dr. Livingston will assess your body type and discuss incision techniques with the intent to provide the best results with the least amount of scarring.

Your results will depend on your unique body type, lifestyle, and your body’s ability to heal. Several of our patients enjoy their results for many years. But, if childbirth or weight gain follows breast lift surgery, the results can be compromised.

Typically, a patient can resume normal activities without strenuous physical activity within a week. For exercise and more strenuous physical actions, we recommend at least four weeks. The most important thing to remember is to listen to your body. So, if you’re not sure if it’s appropriate to engage in physical activity, you should err on the side of abstaining.

However, you should move around after surgery as soon as the day after, walk around the house and conduct activities of daily living.

Breast lift surgery is considered an aesthetic procedure and is not covered by your health insurance. However, if you lack the funds to pay in full, we offer great financing options. 

To prepare for a breast lift, you should follow Dr. Livingston’s pre-operative instructions, which may include getting lab tests, adjusting current medications, and avoiding certain substances like tobacco and alcohol. Proper preparation promotes a smooth surgery and recovery.

A breast lift is typically performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Livingston and his team will monitor you closely to ensure your safety throughout the surgery.

Choosing the right surgeon for your breast lift is crucial for achieving your desired results. Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Chris Livingston, with extensive experience and a track record of successful breast lift procedures. During your consultation, ask to see before and after photos and discuss your goals and expectations to ensure you are comfortable choosing the right procedure.