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Botox in Your 20s?

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woman receiving injections

Although Botox has become ubiquitous in the skincare maintenance of older women, more and more younger patients are exploring it as a preventative measure against premature wrinkles.

Why Botox in Your 20s?

By opting for early Botox, not only are small wrinkles smoothed out, but the face trained to avoid making expressions that could cause deeper, longer-lasting wrinkles. By freezing the muscles of the face involved in expressions such as frowning and squinting, your face learns to avoid such reactions. When you would automatically scowl or knit your brows as a reaction, your face no longer defaults to such expressions.

Botox should never be considered a “must-have” in a skincare routine, but even in your 20s there can be good reason to start early with this elective procedure in order to prevent deeper wrinkles later on in life.

By opting into Botox early, you not only avoid deeper wrinkles, but perhaps even more invasive procedures, such as facelifts or multiple series of peels in order to “reset” your skin’s texture. Early Botox, then, can be considered early insurance against much more intense treatments.

What Does It Cost?

For full prevention, you may get the injections up to three times annually. The price per session can range greatly, usually between $300 to $500. This is determined by how many “units” of Botox are used per session (each unit has a different price). You could pay more or less depending on how many injections you get and therefore how many units are used.

What Is the Process Like?

As Botox injections are fairly common and streamlined these days, you shouldn’t have to plan for more than 15 minutes for the procedure. This includes time in the waiting room and a bit of follow-up. The injections themselves can take only about 5 minutes.

As for pain, it merely feels like a small pinch on the area where you are getting the injection. Of course, the more injections you are getting, the sorer you will be. After the procedure, you can expect a bit of tenderness.

Immediately after the procedure you will have small injection marks across your face. If you have forehead injections, for example, you may want to bring a hat to the appointment to hide obvious markings. Bruising is possible, but not a guarantee, and will fade quickly.

Livingston Plastic Surgery Has All Your Botox Needs

Dr. Livingston and his team are experts when it comes to everything Botox. Read more about the treatment options we offer here. If you’re interested in exploring preventative Botox, schedule an appointment with Dr. Chris Livingston to see when and how the procedure could work best for you!