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Botox Party

Posted in Botox, Cosmetic Procedures

In tough economic times, although everyones tends to “shelter in place” and reducing spending, that doesn’t mean the we should forget about our health, our family and friends, or our looks!!!!  Yes, the larger ticket cosmetic procedures could be on the “editing room floor” of your budget for 2009, however, Botox and soft tissue fillers are relatively inexpensive and could refresh the tired and stressed look that you might see in the mirror after the market continues to “tank”.  Botox is used for forehead wrinkles and crows feet while soft tissue fillers (Juvaderm, Restylane,  Preville Silk, Radiasse, ect) are used to correct the deeper wrinkles around the mouth and can be used to augment the lips.  Each procedure literally takes only minutes and is essentially pain free with topical anesthesia.  The results can last several months and are usually immediate.  2009 could be an excellent year!!!!!!