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Breast Reduction Surgery Tips: What You Need to Know Before Breast Reduction Surgery

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Describe your breasts with a single word. Hopefully words like ‘sexy’ or ‘feminine’ come to mind. If ‘heavy’ or ‘uncomfortable’ are the first words you think of when describing your breasts, it may be time to consider breast reduction surgery. Come meet with Dr. Christopher Livingston for a reduction mammoplasty consultation at our Houston, TX offices. Don’t let heavy breasts weigh you down.

Breast Reduction- Not Just a Cosmetic Procedure

Overly large breasts, a condition known as macromastia, can be painful and uncomfortable. Many women with large breasts find that the condition overtakes their life, making daily tasks difficult and uncomfortable. Breast reduction surgery isn’t about changing the appearance of the breasts, although it can offer cosmetic benefits. It helps women live a normal everyday life and can alleviate pain, discomfort, and embarrassment caused by very large breasts.

What can breast reduction do for you? Our patients report that the procedure can:

  • Alleviate neck, back, arm, and/or shoulder pain.
  • Make physical activity and exercise easier.
  • Open the door to new clothing and fashion possibilities.
  • Reduce skin irritation and infection beneath the breast creases.

Patients are generally very satisfied with their results. One 10-year study of breast reduction patients found that 95% were satisfied with their results and would do it again.

5 Tips for Breast Reduction Success

A successful breast reduction can help you to look and feel better. These tips will help you obtain a better result from your treatment.

  • Choose an Experienced Plastic Surgeon– Breast reduction is a complex surgical procedure that removes skin, fat, and glandular tissue to achieve a breast size that is more proportionate with body size. Beautiful results are possible and are most likely to occur with a skilled plastic surgeon like Livingston. Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing breast surgeries. Dr. Livingston’s skill and expertise with this procedure brings patients to his offices from Houston and the surrounding areas of Woodlands, Pearland, and Sugar Land, TX.
  • Combine Treatments– Breast reduction can be performed on its own or can be paired with other complementary treatments. Body contouring procedures like liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast lift surgery can further enhance your results. By combining treatments you’ll spend less time recovering than if multiple treatments were performed separately. Combining treatments isn’t necessary but can improve your satisfaction after the procedure. We’ll let you know if there are any complementary treatments you should consider.
  • Know What to Expect– Your surgery will be customized to your needs. Each surgery is different, depending on your goals for treatment, your breast size, and your anatomy. To begin, incisions are made on the breast, location varies. Excess skin, fat, and tissue are removed, and the breast tissues are lifted, repositioned, and reshaped. Deep sutures are placed to help support the breasts. After surgery, recovery takes 4-6 weeks, although you’ll return to regular activities well before then.
  • Set Realistic Expectations for Results– Breast reduction can dramatically reduce the size of your breasts. You’ll notice that your breasts are lighter and smaller immediately after surgery. Scarring can occur after breast reduction. Incision placement and your genetics will affect how noticeable this scarring is. Your incisions will be the most noticeable the first year after surgery. Some patients will require nipple repositioning, which can lead to loss of nipple sensation and pigmentation changes. We’ll give you a better idea of the results you can expect when you come in for your consultation.
  • Make the Most of Your New Body– Breast surgery can change your life, so let it. Our patients love being able to wear different clothing styles and being able to comfortably participate in physical activities after their surgeries. Enjoy your new body!

Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns through the preparation, surgery, or recovery process. We’re here to help and guide you for a successful procedure.

Breast Reduction for Men- Gynecomastia

Women aren’t the only ones that can develop too much breast tissue. Some men may experience a condition known as gynecomastia, or overdevelopment of male breast tissue. Male breast reduction can reduce the size of the breasts and create a more masculine chest contour.

Dr. Livingston has performed many gynecomastia surgeries. He typically uses liposuction, surgical excision, or a combination of these techniques to shape and remove breast tissue. Call us to learn more.

Are you thinking about breast reduction surgery? Schedule a consultation to learn more about your options.