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Cosmetic Suggestions for the Fall Months

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Fall has arrived and for most of us, that means a return to normalcy from summer vacations, sun-filled weekends outdoors and barbeques in the backyard. Maybe all that time outdoors has led to some skin damage and hyperpigmentation or sun spots? Has running around from parties to the beach made you realize there are some problem areas? It’s time to jump back in and start planning.

1)Tan too far

While covering up and staying in the shade makes logical sense, it’s hard to do when you’re on the beach or exercising outdoors. Brown spots, freckling and melasma can all come out to cause you problems. Excessive tanning and dryness can even lead to – you guessed it – wrinkles. Find out how to fight back.

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2)Lipo it out

It’s easy to feel a little self-conscious on the beach or by the pool, but if there’s a tough problem area that’s plaguing you, liposuction might be your answer. It can smooth and contour saddlebags, love handles or arm fat. Remember, it works best when you’re at a healthy weight and physically fit. What kind of fat is it and does it come back?  Don’t want to go under the knife, but want to target those problem areas? Find some answers below.

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3)Unsightly veins

Was wearing shorts, skirts or dresses a pain for you all summer? If you have thick varicose veins or spider veins on your legs that make you uncomfortable and/or embarrassed, know that there is a solution. Sclerotherapy or laser treatment can be used to improve and in some cases, completely get rid of unsightly veins. Multiple treatments are necessary so it’s best to get started soon.

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