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Everything You Need to Know About Your First Botox Appointment

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With countless anti-aging treatments on the market these days, Botox® is still amongst the most effective options to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. At Livingston Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, we believe in choosing how aging impacts your appearance and self-confidence and want to make the process of aging as exciting as possible. Botox is ideal for reversing lines such as frown lines on your forehead and between your eyebrows, marionette lines around your mouth, and crow’s feet, those pesky lines on either side of your eyes.

The result is skin that looks younger by years and an overall improved sense of self-confidence. While the treatment is generally entirely simple and seamless, it helps first-timers to know what to expect.

Schedule A Consultation

A consultation with any procedure or treatment can help answer your questions and address concerns you may have. Even if you’ve had Botox in the past or have already educated yourself on the process, a consultation is essential so we can get to know you and your expectations. A consultation is also the perfect time to learn more about our treatment process. Your complete comfort and safety are our top priority.

Your Skin Might Look the Same at First

As soon as you’ve had your first Botox treatment, you might notice that not much has changed. Don’t panic; that’s completely normal. The first time Botox is injected, it takes time to do its job. In fact, it’s possible that it may take 2 to 8 days to start noticing a big difference. But two weeks after your appointment, you’ll begin to see the full effects of your Botox treatment. Of course, timing varies between individuals.

It’s A Pain-Free Treatment

A prominent question first-timers have is, “does Botox hurt?” The answer is probably not. Botox needles are extremely small. They’re so small, in fact, that most Botox patients feel no pain at all when injected at our clinic. Plus, having a skilled and experienced practitioner is a must, as we’ll know exactly where to inject, using just the proper technique to make it as comfortable as possible.

Redness, Bruising, and Swelling Are Normal

Immediately after your treatment, you may notice small red bumps. These will resolve themselves after 20-30 minutes. Bruising is also a possibility. If you bruise, it should be very minimal and should resolve itself after a few days. You can hide any bruising with some cosmetics if need be.

It’s important that you don’t touch your face too much. Botox is an expertly-injected protein, and massaging it or touching it too much can cause manipulation of the protein and spread it into unwanted areas.

Ready To Get Started with Botox in Houston, TX?

The results of Botox are nothing short of miraculous. Millions of people, from celebrities to your neighbor next door, have undergone a Botox treatment. Patients gain a sense of restored self-esteem and freedom to age the way they want to age. To learn more about Botox at Livingston Plastic Surgery, call (281) 501-1812 or contact us through our website portal today!