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How You Know You’re Ready for Plastic Surgery

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Are you wondering if you’re a good candidate for cosmetic surgery? The choice must only be made after educating yourself about the types of plastic surgery available and what you can reasonably expect. Consider the following five important questions first. Doing so will help you gather all the plastic surgery facts you need to guide you toward the healthiest decision.

Are your expectations of plastic surgery healthy?

It’s never healthy to pursue surgery if you’re striving for perfection, or if you think surgery will dramatically change your life circumstances. Physical changes may temporarily make you feel on top of the world, but lasting satisfaction is all about perspective.

With this in mind, take some time to make an inventory of all the reasons you desire cosmetic surgery and analyze whether or not these reasons are to satisfy others and/or achieve unrealistic expectations. If you understand that cosmetic surgery will inspire improvement – not perfection – then your expectations for cosmetic surgery are healthy.

Is it the right time for plastic surgery?

No matter how small the procedure, it will inevitably have a big effect on your life, and you need to make sure you’re ready for it. Timing is everything. Ask yourself, are you in the middle of a big life change? Are your current circumstances stressful, or are they relatively balanced? Do you have the personal and financial resources to handle surgery?

The amount of recovery time, expenses and extra help you’ll need to get through this exciting-but-difficult transition is significant. If you have a good grip on your upcoming commitments and obligations, then you’re ready to take on the challenges that come with cosmetic surgery.

Do you know your plastic surgeon’s credentials and qualifications?

We’ve all witnessed plastic surgery nightmares, and behind each one is a surgeon. Be sure to research and consult multiple surgeons that are versed in the procedure you are considering before committing to one. Most doctors don’t take rejection personally and ultimately understand it is just part of the process. Most doctors offer free consultations for potential clients, so it is almost always affordable to take your time and research your options.

While it’s tempting to go with the first doctor you consult, remember that you need answers to a lot of questions before picking a surgeon. The following are the most essential:

  • What are their qualifications?
  • Do they have positive reviews?
  • How many times have they performed the surgery you’re considering?
  • Do they have any before-and-after photos to show you?

One important website to consult during your hunt for the right doctor is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This vital resource houses a number of board-certified plastic surgeons across the United States who have years of experience, expertise and safety qualifications under their scrubs.

Are you aware of the risks of plastic surgery?

Surgery is always risky – no matter how small the procedure. Everything from complications to freak accidents can happen. Although every patient and every plastic surgery experience is different, all procedures have some risk of complication.

None of this is meant to scare you out of choosing cosmetic surgery; it’s just a fact one should always consider during this process. Discuss the potential and common risks of your individual surgery with your chosen doctor. Most doctors will calm your worries with their statistics of success, which is extremely comforting during the decision-making process.

What’s more, it’s wise to understand your expected recovery time as well. You’ll want to make sure you have the right resources available when the time comes.

When should I expect to see results?

Lifelong results take time. When you leave the hospital, you’ll likely be puffy, bruised, exhausted and on your way to recovery. Remember that results take time to reveal themselves.

Ask your doctor when you should expect to see the true results of your surgery. Follow-up appointments will help you and your surgeon gauge your progress over time. Align your expectations with the reality of recovery, and you will be much happier with the progress you notice each week of the recovery process.

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