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Noninvasive Procedures: A Growing Trend

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The plastic surgery industry exists to repair damage and imperfections to the skin and body, whether for cosmetic, medical or other reasons. Making these repairs doesn’t always require invasive surgery. Noninvasive procedures are popular and effective for restoring smooth, healthy skin, especially around the face.

Why Noninvasive

Noninvasive procedures are a winning choice for many patients looking to refresh their appearance without going under the knife. In fact, patients who only desire subtle changes are better off with noninvasive procedures. The perks of noninvasive cosmetic offerings include:

  • Require a minimal recovery time, if they require one at all
  • Deliver noticeable, natural-looking results
  • Less time and less cost than invasive procedures
  • Effective on their own, or when used as maintenance following an invasive procedure

Each One Works Differently

The most common of these procedures are Botox and other facial fillers, but noninvasive options range from chemical peels to laser skin resurfacing to microdermabrasion. Each procedure offers a unique set of benefits to your skin, so before making a commitment, it’s important to know what result you want and what to expect from your treatment.

For instance, Botox works by paralyzing some of the facial muscles that cause crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and worry lines. The paralyzing effect is temporary, but effective enough to make your face look years younger if you keep up with the treatments. Each injection lasts about three to four months, and is helpful for smoothing out existing lines and preventing deeper lines from developing.

On the other hand, facial fillers like Sculptra or Juvaderm treat lines and depressions by plumping them up rather than interacting with the actual muscles. When used in moderation, these fillers are very natural-looking. Results can last up to one year.

What to Expect

Noninvasive procedures work beautifully when freshening up fine lines and contributing to an overall healthier, more youthful appearance. What they cannot do is lift skin upward. Some facial filler treatments can cause a subtle lifting appearance because they fill out areas where to skin may be loose or sunken. However, if you’re hoping for raised brows, better defined cheekbones or less skin around the chin, you may want to consider talking with your surgeon about getting a facelift or similar permanent procedure.

Find the Best Option for You

Livingston Plastic Surgery offers a wide range of noninvasive procedures and other skincare treatments, backed by experience and a constantly-evolving knowledge of the industry.

To determine which of these procedures is best for your needs, consult with your surgeon or aesthetician to find the right choice. Request a consultation with Dr. Livingston.