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Preventive Botox: Is it Worth it?

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Preventive Botox: Is it Worth it?

Botox has become a household term because of its effectiveness in treating the deep wrinkles which form around our eyes, mouth and forehead. These expression lines are a result of the constant movement of the underlying tissue. Static wrinkles are lines and blemishes which are etched into the face with age. Dynamic wrinkles are those which are only visible when our face displays expressions like smiles, laughs or squints. The problem with dynamic lines is that over time they become static. These etched-in blemishes form because our face continuously flexes and stretches, forging a permanent crease in our facial skin. As skin ages, insufficient levels of collagen and elastin prevent the skin to effectively bounce back into its youthful texture.
When a static line develops, like lip lines or crow’s feet, they can be a challenge to resolve. Many patients require combining different treatments like skin resurfacing and dermal fillers. Others may need a surgical solution. To prevent more invasive treatments, many plastic surgeons realize the benefit of using a neuromodulator like Botox to delay or stop static wrinkles from forming.

What is Preventative Botox?

Logic tells us the best way to prevent something from happening is to stop or restrict its cause. Therefore, the best way to avoid the cosmetic concern of static wrinkles is to limit facial muscles from moving. Although it’s not possible to stop all underlying tissue movement, technology offers the next best thing. Freezing small muscle groupings in strategic areas like the forehead and orbital region can cut down the number of static wrinkles an individual develops. Botox is proficient at doing this.
Injecting Botox into specific facial muscles will block nerve signals which tell them to move. This limitation or halting of muscle movement results in relaxed muscle for several months. After injections from a qualified health care professional, only the small muscles which pinch the skin are affected. Allowing the large muscles to move freely avoids that familiar yet unnatural frozen look.

Timing is Everything

Preventative Botox will require effective timing. The treatment works best when the skin’s collagen levels are in the initial phase of declining. For most people, this is around the age of 30. Smokers, sun worshippers or both may experience this decline earlier. Then static lines around the eyes, mouth, and forehead become visible, much of the damage has already been done. But by starting the process early, a patient can avoid the effects of dynamic creases for years or perhaps decades.

Preventative Commitment

Utilizing Botox as a preventative anti-aging regimen requires an understanding of its temporary effectiveness, meaning the treatment will wear off. To keep the treatment current we recommend injections three to four times per year. Treatment sessions are quick and convenient, usually completed in under a half hour.

Proven Technology

There is no non-surgical treatment which has been proven more effective than Botox. Not only are there clinical studies which site its successes, but millions of satisfied customers have enjoyed its benefits. To learn more on how Botox can prevent static wrinkles, schedule a consultation with Dr. Livingston today.

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