Steps to Ensure the Best Results From Your Rhinoplasty

It takes more than a highly skilled plastic surgeon to get you the best results from cosmetic surgery. It’s a team effort that includes the staff of the practice you select for your surgery, the surgical team, your support at home, and most importantly, you. That’s especially the case when it comes to working on facial features such as the shape, symmetry, and width of your nose while trying to get the best results from a nose surgery, or rhinoplasty.

This post is a short guide we put together at Livingston Plastic Surgery for patients to help them think through some of the steps before, during, and after their rhinoplasty to get the best results with their “team.”

Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon for You

Unfortunately, poor matches between patients and doctors happen often. We’ve performed a lot of cosmetic revision surgeries throughout the years to fix issues stemming from miscommunication between a patient and their original plastic surgeon. Moving forward with cosmetic surgery can be an exciting decision, but do yourself a favor and slow down, meet several doctors, and choose the one whose work you like the best and makes you feel the most safe and comfortable.

Plan Your Recovery

Rhinoplasty is a significant surgical procedure, and the recovery is one of the most crucial elements for your results. Don’t wait until the last minute to pull together help and supplies. Some tips we usually share that you can work on ahead of time include:

  • Have ice packs ready to go immediately after your surgery.
  • If you sleep on your side or stomach, try to train yourself to sleep on your back before your surgery.
  • Have some easy, healthy meals prepared for about a week or two before you come home from surgery.
  • Expand your button-down wardrobe a little so you don’t have to pull shirts over your head quite as often.
  • Have help around the house for the first few days, even for simple chores and tasks.

Recover stress-free and in comfort for the best rhinoplasty results!

Follow Your Plastic Surgeon’s Post-Op Instructions

Listen to the guidance your plastic surgeon gives you for at-home care, such as what to do with your bandaging and how to control pain and swelling. We’ll schedule follow-up appointments to ensure safe and proper healing and to make any necessary adjustments to your recovery.

No Exercise or Strenuous Activity for at Least Two Weeks

The first six weeks after nose surgery are a crucial time for healing. Avoid intense activities and exercise (other than gentle walks) for the first two weeks altogether. For at least six weeks, steer clear of any activity that could increase your risk of impacts to the nose, such as basketball or soccer.

Pace Your Recovery

Slow down! Many people who get plastic surgery are active and busy people, but you shouldn’t rush a rhinoplasty recovery. Give your body the time and space for it to heal itself and complete what your plastic surgeon started.

Contact Us If You’re Thinking About Rhinoplasty

From the consultation to the moment you fall in love with the natural facial harmony that was there all along, rhinoplasty is a profoundly personal experience. Dr. Christopher K. Livingston and our team of rhinoplasty experts are highly skilled at guiding people through this journey, from the beginning to the end. If you’re thinking about rhinoplasty, reach out and schedule a conversation with Livingston Plastic Surgery to learn about the best approach and options for you.

Schedule your rhinoplasty consultation in Houston, TX, at Livingston Plastic Surgery. Call us today at (281) 501-1812 or contact us by sending a message through our website.