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3 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Is the Perfect Complement to a Healthy Diet and Exercise

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You eat right and exercise often, but your body isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, or you’re starting to notice signs of aging that are detracting from your hard work. Perhaps you’ve just been on a significant weight loss journey, and you’re left with hanging skin. If you find yourself relating to any of these scenarios, it may be time to explore plastic surgery to help complement your hard work. By pairing cosmetic treatments with a healthy lifestyle, you can finally achieve your body goals. Here are three reasons why plastic surgery is the perfect complement to your already healthy lifestyle.

1. Plastic Surgery Is Safer on Healthy Patients

With an experienced plastic surgeon, plastic surgery in general is safe. However, being at a healthy weight and having an established healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce the risk of complications. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your medical history to determine if you’re a good candidate for surgery. We’ve found that healthy patients do better through the surgical process and generally have an easier time recovering as well. A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced, nutritious diet and exercise regimen. These two aspects will not only complement your results, but they will also help you recover much faster.

2. Maintain Your Results Longer with Diet and Exercise

Plastic surgery offers long-lasting results. But for those results to stick around, you’ll need to do your part. For example, if you get a tummy tuck procedure or liposuction, it is important to remain at a stable weight. Weight fluctuations, both up and down, can lead to undesirable changes to your plastic surgery results, potentially reversing some of the changes you wanted during your procedure.

This is one of the main reasons that plastic surgery complements a healthy lifestyle. They work together to keep your results lasting as long as possible.

3. Plastic Surgery Can Help You Finish Up Your Weight Loss Journey

If you’ve recently changed your lifestyle and lost a significant amount of weight, but you’re noticing that your skin is loose or there are pockets of fat that aren’t responding to diet and exercise alone, you may want to consider plastic surgery as the final step in your weight loss journey. Excess skin and stubborn fat deposits often remain, even after you’ve dropped weight. Dr. Livingston can remove stubborn skin and fat so you can finally achieve the body you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Post-bariatric body contouring is ideal for any patient who has lost a substantial amount of weight. Often, removing excess skin and fat after weight loss can help you better maintain your new body. Exercise is made easier once the weight of the excess skin is removed, and you’ll feel more comfortable and more motivated to keep up with your healthy changes.

Find Out How to Complement Your Healthy Lifestyle with Cosmetic Surgery

While plastic surgery isn’t an alternative to eating right and exercising, it is the perfect way to assist in maintaining your healthy lifestyle by accentuating your hard work. At Livingston Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher K. Livingston can help you find the perfect complementary procedure for you during your consultation. To schedule a time with us, call us at (281) 501-1812 or contact us through our website.