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4 Beautiful Options After Breast Implant Removal

Posted in Breast Augmentation Revision

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There are few physical features a woman cares about more than her breasts. When this area needs help due to hormonal changes, weight fluctuation, or pregnancy causing her breasts to sag, shrink or lose definition, breast augmentation surgery is a viable corrective measure. 

But all good things come to an end. When breast implants have outlived their usefulness, many women turn to breast implant removal. Or when silicone implants rupture or leak, they must come out. Surgeons perform breast revision surgery to remove breast implants for corrections of any issues associated with the original breast surgery. 

Whatever the reason to remove them, what choices does a woman have once her implants are gone? Here are four excellent options to consider after breast implant removal surgery.

1. Implant Replacement

When the original implants need replacement due to age, improper size or shape, or leakage due to rupture, a replacement may be in order. An option that seems to be trending is women are choosing to go smaller rather than larger because of impositions her current implants have on her lifestyle. Whatever the motivation, this option is simple, replace the older implant with a newer device that is more fitting to the patient’s aesthetic goal.

2. Breast Reduction

As mentioned above, some women choose to go smaller rather than larger. A breast reduction not only reduces the size of the breast area; it also decreases the weight that pulls at her shoulders, neck, and back. More breast volume may impede individual lifestyle choices including exercising or outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking. Smaller breasts can afford a woman to be more active. A breast reduction is designed to reduce breast tissue and fat to increase mobility and reduce any discomfort associated with more substantial breast volume.

3. Fat Transfer

When implants removed, volume is needed to fill the void. Natural fat tissue taken from a donor site on the body, like the thighs or abdomen, is a great way to resolve two aesthetic issues with one procedure. Not only will it provide volume for the breast area, but it can remove unwanted fat pads at certain body areas that need a tighter shape.

4. Breast Lift

As women age, hormonal changes can affect the location of the breasts. Gravity also plays a role when tissue support diminishes and the breasts fall and droop. Also, after breast implant removal, excess skin that once covered the larger expanse can cause the breasts to look shriveled and wrinkled. A breast lift adds support to the underlying breast muscles and removes excess skin so it can drape tightly over the smaller tissue. Nipples will point upward and the breasts will have that youthful upward curve.

Which Option is Best for You?

Learn more about breast implant removal from a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Livingston at his surgery center in Houston, TX. He offers various breast surgery options to make your body contour look young and natural, and go hand in glove with your current lifestyle. 

To learn more about the options you have after breast implant removal, schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Livingston, today.