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How to Decide If You Need A Breast Augmentation or A Breast Lift

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A woman’s breasts can change throughout her life due to age, childbirth, weight fluctuation, gravity, and genetics. While the breasts can be a source of confidence and beauty, they can also be a source of unhappiness and bring a loss of confidence. At Livingston Plastic Surgery, Dr. Christopher K. Livingston is a board certified Houston-based… READ MORE

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4 Beautiful Options After Breast Implant Removal

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There are few physical features a woman cares about more than her breasts. When this area needs help due to hormonal changes, weight fluctuation, or pregnancy causing her breasts to sag, shrink or lose definition, breast augmentation surgery is a viable corrective measure.  But all good things come to an end. When breast implants have… READ MORE

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Why Do Some Women Need Breast Augmentation Revision?

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When a woman considers her figure, she most likely will appraise her breasts because they define her femininity. Many women over the past generation looked to implants to shape their figure and improve their breast projection. With so many patients choosing implants, breast augmentation revision has become a popular aesthetic procedure to help women who… READ MORE