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Breast Implant Revisions

Posted in Breast, Cosmetic Procedures

Breast augmentation (breast implant) is one of the more popular cosmetic procedures performed on women and is usually a very satisfying operation with predictable results.  However, their are documented studies of secondary procedures of up to 25%.  What are secondary procedures or revisions?  And why such a high precentage?  Well, in some instances, the implants can be too small (rarely) or too large (more common).  The implants can be placed too high or there can be significant asymmetry.  An implant rupture can occur or the implants begin to feel hard and painful (capsular contracture).  Capsular contracture rates are approximately 15% depending on the type of implant and placement.   If these occur, then a secondary or revisonary surgery is usually necessary to satisfy the patient and plastic surgeon.  Revision breast surgery can include implant exchange, implant reposition, release or removal of the capsule around the implant, or breast lifting.  The outpatient surgical procedure is usually shorter in duration and less painful.  Results are very dependant on the experience of the plastic surgeon, as well as the amount of deformity, and overall health of the patient.  Certainly, multiple breast procedures can increase the risk of complications, all of which can be discussed in detail with the board certified plastic surgeon of your choice.