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Breast Augmentation Incisions and Placement

It isn’t news that one of the biggest aesthetic concerns women have about their bodies is breast size. While some women are genetically gifted with their ideal sized breasts, others would like to add volume and shape. This makes breast…

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Drop and Fluff: When Will Your Implants Settle?

For patients who have opted for breast implants, there is a phrase which may seem foreign to them. “Drop and Fluff” does not relate to pillows before bed, but rather a recovery process each woman should know before having breast…

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Breast Augmentation: What are the Benefits?

The benefits of breast augmentation might sound simple, but a breast augmentation can do much more than just augment the size of your breasts. We’ve compiled our top five favorite breast augmentation benefits, below. Check them out and you’ll see…

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Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Most patients who have breast augmentation report experiencing a relatively hassle-free recovery period, thanks to the safety of modern surgical methods. At the same time, however, there’s a lot you can—and should—do to help your body heal and lower your…

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