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Liposuction Houston "A Reward for a Healthy Lifestyle"

Posted in Cosmetic Procedures, Liposuction

Too many times I see patients that wish liposuction but don’t understand that this procedure has its limitations.  Traditional liposuction removes fat between skin and muscle that produces the bulge at the waistline, hips, thighs, arms, or back.  Candidates for liposuction should be healthy with realistic expectations but most importanly, have minimal skin excess and good skin elasticity (no stretch marks).  I demand my patients to adhere to a diet and exercise program for several weeks prior to surgery and obviously not smoke nor use illegal drugs.  Liposuction should be a reward for a healthy lifestyle.  Patients that have only small amounts of “subborn fat” are the best candidates and will have reliable, predictable, and excellent results.  Patients that think liposuction will transform a body that has not seen exercise nor diet will only be disappointed.  If excess skin and fat with stretch marks is the problem, a tummy tuck may be necessary to achieve success.  Ultimately, each patient is different and choosing a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in body contouring is mandatory.