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Should You Add Liposuction to Your Tummy Tuck?

For many people, diet and exercise alone cannot fulfill their body contouring goals. Due to unwanted excess or loose skin and muscles around the belly area, many have made the decision to get a tummy tuck. What few people know,…

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After Liposuction: Tips for Keeping the Fat Away

Liposuction is an aesthetic procedure that helps eliminate unwanted fat pads that distort your figure.  It is especially helpful in gaining that slimmer, more shapely figure that looks great in the latest clothing designs. While useful in reducing fat bulges,…

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Body Dreams Come True With Liposuction

One of the fastest, most effective ways to see the contour you wish for in the mirror is Liposuction. By removing fat from the abs, neck, back, or whatever other areas on the body, Liposuction can sculpt your body into…

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Question Checklist for Your Liposuction Consultation

As you contemplate cosmetic surgery to enhance your figure by removing unwanted fat, liposuction should be the procedure that comes to mind first. It helps define body contours by eliminating excess fat cells and unwanted bulges in areas like the…

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Common Misconceptions About Liposuction

Women and men all around the globe benefit from many aesthetic procedures like liposuction, so it’s easy to understand the frequent misconceptions about the surgery. Because of its popularity and the confusion with many who seek the surgery, we wish…

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