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Liquid Facelift

Posted in Breast, Cosmetic Procedures

Do you know what really irritates me?  As a board certified Houston plastic surgeon, I help my patients in answering their questions about “too good to be true” advertisements in my field.  Liquid facelift is a common topic.  Plastic surgeons define a facelift or rhytidectomy as a surgical procedure to remove excess skin of the face and neck and lift the underlying soft tissue support system.  To accomplish this without surgery and with only a liquid is impossible.  In reality, the liquid is soft tissue fillers such as hyraluronic acid and Botox.  The fillers will smooth deep lines and wrinkles specifically nasolabial folds  while Botox will soften the fine lines in the forehead and between and around the eyes.  The cost and recovery time is much less but the results are only temporary.  I council patients on each procedure, including the pros/cons and risks/benefits, and then allow them to make an informed decision.  Be wary of physicians who are not board certified in plastic surgery or any surgical speciality who advertise the liquid facelift.  They will be unable to guide you into the right procedure because they can not perform a traditional facelift due to lack of experience in the technique.