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Plastic Surgery Recovery During the Summer

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Plastic Surgery Recovery During the Summer

At Livingston Plastic Surgery, we believe that patient education is one of the most important aspects of the work we do, and going over all the details of your recovery is one of the most critical parts of any surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure you might have. A healthy recovery ensures better, longer-lasting results. 

There are many different angles when it comes to recovering from a cosmetic procedure, and when you choose to have your procedure will impact your recovery. There are many advantages to scheduling your procedure in the colder months when you might be indoors for longer, but there are also a lot of advantages to doing it in the summer. In this post, we’ll share our top tips for a healthy, safe plastic surgery recovery during the summer. 

Avoid Copious Amounts of Sunshine

Depending on where you are, the hottest months of summer may be fraught with humidity (like it is here in Houston). Maybe staying out of the sun isn’t so hard in those conditions, but in places where the summer is a little more tolerable, it can be tempting to go outside before you’re fully recovered. The bottom line is, try to avoid direct sunshine as much as possible while you’re recovering from plastic surgery. If you do go out, make sure you cover your skin in as much UV protection as possible. 

If You Do Go Out, Use Sunscreen with Broad-Spectrum Protection

The SPF number on your sunscreen doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. There are actually two types of UV light from the sun that can damage your skin—UVA and UVB. A bottle of sunscreen with a high SPF may only protect you from one of them. When you’re shopping for sun protection before or after your plastic surgery, make sure you pick up a bottle with broad-spectrum protection to ensure you’re protected from all the sun’s harmful rays. 

Swimming Increases Risks of Infection 

Even if you feel like your recovery is almost complete, you should consult with your plastic surgeon before swimming or spending any extended time in the water. Lakes, the ocean, and even pools all substantially raise your risk of infection after surgery.  

Get Plenty of Rest

With longer days, it may be harder to get to bed early and more tempting to stay up late enjoying the cooler evenings. Even if you’re in the late stages of your recovery, there’s almost nothing more beneficial than getting plenty of sleep. Your body does the majority of its healing and new tissue building while you sleep. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Water, like sleep, is also essential to aid in your body’s natural healing abilities. It also helps flush cellular waste out of your system. Make sure you always have plenty of H2O close by while you’re recovering.

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