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Best Reasons to Undergo Rhinoplasty in the Summer

At Livingston Plastic Surgery, our patients often ask us about the optimal time of year to get the different procedures we provide. If you’re thinking about getting surgery such as a rhinoplasty, the timing of your procedure is one of…

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Why Today’s Breast Augmentation Is Better Than Ever

If you’ve been dreaming of getting shapelier, fuller breasts through breast augmentation, you’re in good company. According to current statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, augmentation mammoplasty remained the most sought-after cosmetic procedure nationwide in 2018, with more…

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Drop and Fluff: When Will Your Implants Settle?

For patients who have opted for breast implants, there is a phrase which may seem foreign to them. “Drop and Fluff” does not relate to pillows before bed, but rather a recovery process each woman should know before having breast…

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