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Question for the Obama Administration?

Posted in Health & Wellness

I know this is a non-cosmetic post but I feel it necessary for discussion. There are approximately 45 million uninsured in the United States. Only about 15 million of these individuals truly can’t afford health insurance and thus should be covered under medicaid. Thus 30 million should be covered under the government run public health plan. Well, medicaid is a government run health plan and there are still 15 million not covered. Who truly believes that the government can actually insure everyone and run it effectively and efficiently. Who are we kiding here?  With the Obama plan, we will have massive government involvement in our health with medicaid, medicare, and the public plan….all of which are overburdened and inefficient with massive waste. Physicians that have increasing costs will decide not to accept new patients with medicaid, medicare, or the public option because reimbursements for procedures are 10 cents per dollar and thus the chance of finding a physician will be very difficult. Obama doesn’t talk about that….