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Self Esteem and Breast Implants

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There are many reasons why women have the simple desire for fuller breasts: Evening out body proportions, correcting congenital deformities or trauma results, restoring breasts after a mastectomy, or repairing the effects of childbearing and aging. Oftentimes women choosing breast implants have realistic expectations, sticking to natural-looking and proportionate results. After undergoing the procedure, a majority of patients note significant improvements in their habits, confidence and overall outlook on life.

Whatever the motivation, the benefits breast implants provide are similar for all patients… and certainly go more than skin deep.

Breast Implants Can Increase Life Satisfaction

In a recent study by the Association for Psychological Science, over 1,800 people were compared on various aspects of their life and self-reflection. These individuals included plastic surgery patients, people who wanted plastic surgery but decided against it and people who neither wanted nor received plastic surgery. The results speak volumes about how the procedure can foster a more positive outlook on life, as the individuals with breast implants exhibit deeper satisfaction with their lives, greater day-to-day happiness and higher self-esteem in general. The plastic surgery patients even reported that they were happier with their bodies in general, not just the area where they received work.

So what about the individuals that never had any cosmetic procedures? Interestingly enough, they reported higher anxiety levels and fewer healthy sensations and feelings than their nipped-and-tucked peers.

Breast Implants Can Improve Self Esteem

Patients electing to have such a procedure satisfy a gap in their natural self-image, not their self-esteem. Most women who choose and are approved for implants already possess positive self-esteem, but live believing that their bodies are incomplete or unbalanced. While they don’t depend on the appearance of certain body parts for satisfaction, they experience the nagging feeling that a part of them just doesn’t fit quite right.

Like all cosmetic procedures, breast implants should make patients feel as if their bodies are the size and shape they’re meant to be – not that their bodies suddenly “measure up” to personal or societal expectations. No procedure is a miracle fix. Plastic surgery corrects a part of the body, not a part of life. Upholding a healthy foundation and having positive self-esteem before a procedure will only compound long-term confidence. More importantly, when it comes to making this decision, working with a responsible and respected plastic surgeon is essential to understanding expectations and long-term results.

Since many plastic surgery patients look and feel healthier following their procedures, they are often inspired to adopt better habits which help them maintain and enhance their bodies. Many women quit smoking in preparation for a surgery, and the confidence and vitality they experience post-op encourages them to leave bad habits in the past. Even the most subtle changes in appearance prove enough to inspire healthier lifestyle shifts – shifts which then enhance long-term confidence and life satisfaction.

If you’ve been considering breast augmentation, request a consultation with Livingston Plastic Surgery to discuss your goals and concerns. Our staff cares about each patient and their individual needs, and works diligently to make the healthiest decision for every candidate.