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Taming Your Tummy after Weight Loss

Posted in Liposuction, Tummy Tuck

Losing weight doesn’t always mean the end of tummy troubles. For many people, loose, sagging skin remains after weight loss, keeping that flat stomach out of reach. Other patients have an endless struggle with stubborn fat pockets that stick around even after they’ve reached their goal weight. So, what can be done about this? Not to worry, there are options.

If you’re struggling with loose skin or stubborn fat pockets after losing weight and you live in the Houston, Texas area, board-certified plastic surgeon Christopher Livingston MD FACS PA offers procedures that will help you finally achieve that firm, flat stomach that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.


After weight loss, many patients have an area or two that will not respond to diet and exercise the way the rest of their body did. It could be love handles or that muffin top that just won’t budge even after they’ve reached your goal weight.

Liposuction is a great way to target specific areas of the body to remove stubborn pockets of fat, that are unaffected by diet and exercise.  Weight loss focuses on whole-body results, where liposuction adds the convenience of targeting a particular location where fat will not budge despite a healthy lifestyle.

If loose abdominal skin and stretched muscles are a problem for you, it may be time to consider a tummy tuck. Pregnancy and weight gain can expand and separate the abdominal muscles like a loose rubber band. These stretched-out muscles are no longer tight or flat and can become extremely difficult to repair post-pregnancy or after weight loss. A tummy tuck can help fix the damage done to the abdominal core by tightening and supporting the abdominal muscles.

A tummy tuck provides a dramatic reshaping because it involves the combination of removing excess skin with liposuction sculpting. An incision is made along the lower belly, then the vertical rectus muscles are pulled together like a corset to reduce space between them and slim the waistline. Excess fat and skin will also be removed to help attain a firmer, flatter appearance.

For patients with minimal loose, sagging skin below the belly button, Dr. Livingston also offers a mini-tummy tuck surgery. To determine which is best for you, Dr. Livingston will discuss your aesthetic goals and come up with a tailored treatment plan to help you achieve your ideal form.

Tame Your Tummy after Weight Loss in Houston, TX

When it comes to plastic surgery after weight loss, it’s imperative that you choose a skilled and experienced surgeon for your procedure. Dr. Livingston is renowned for his reconstructive knowledge and techniques. During your consultation, Dr. Livingston ensures that you feel welcomed, comfortable, and informed so that you can go confidently into your aesthetic journey.

Weigh loss in an impressive achievement, and loose skin shouldn’t be holding you back from enjoying your new form. Contact us today by calling 281-501-1812 or online to schedule your consultation today!