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Understanding the Fraxel Laser

Posted in Plastic Surgery

1) What is sun damaged and aged skin?

As we age and have increasing amounts of sun exposure, the skin becomes weathered in appearance with fine lines, wrinkles, furrows, and irregular texture. Sun spots and age spots appear as pigmented lesions of varying colors and sun-induced redness can be many of the reasons to consult your board certified plastic surgeon. In some instances, pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions can appear as rough or scaly lesions which need prompt physician evaluation.

2) What is Fraxel Laser technology?

The Fraxel Laser was introduced in 2003 and is an intense burst of light energy which is directed onto the skin. The energy heats the water in the skin and causes both the water and tissues to vaporize. With each pass of the laser, a controlled depth of skin is vaporized. In response to the injury and subsequent healing, new layers of skin and collagen are produced. The Fraxel Laser is safe and effective for the face, neck, chest, and hands.

3) What can you expect?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia within my office and usually takes approximately 30-60 minutes. One of the benefits of Fraxel technology is the reduced social downtime and shorter healing time. Patients can expect 3 days at home as the face heals and return to work by the end of the first week. There is usually no associated pain. Redness can persist for one month but is easily concealed by makeup. Over three to six months, patients will see continued improvement as the deeper layers of skin continue to heal.

4) What are the results?

Most patients can expect smoother, tighter skin with improved tone and texture. Fine lines and pigmented spots will be removed with softening of deep frown lines. Acne and surgical scars will be improved and the appearance of redness caused by sun exposure will be reduced. Please call my office at 7137970085 for your skin care consultation and to discuss all of the surgical and nonsurgical options.