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Breast Lift and Implants: Is This Two-Part Procedure for Me?

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Like with everything else, women have unique needs when it comes to breast enhancement. We all know that breast augmentation can be highly customized in terms of placement, incisions, size and type of implants; however, there are just some needs that a simple breast augmentation can’t meet. For instance, a breast augmentation might not be the way to go for women who suffer from tuberous or sagging breasts. For those women, we recommend a powerful, two-part procedure that can rejuvenate as well as it can enhance: the breast lift with implants.

One-Two Punch

Think this procedure might be right up your alley? Let’s see just why the breast lift with implants is a growing favorite among women:

  • They rejuvenate and enhance
  • They prevent heavy implants from making sagging worse
  • They allow you to powerfully shape your curves

Lift Your Spirits

By now you know that breast augmentations aren’t for anybody—but that doesn’t mean that getting a more alluring figure is out of your reach. It just means you need to pair your implants with another procedure called a breast lift. A breast is basically a procedure that:

  • Lifts and repositions the breasts to a perkier position
  • Repositions the nipple to a higher position
  • Removes excess skin and tissue that leads to sagging

Is It for Me?

Breast enhancement is a big decision. When they decide to change their look, women don’t just want to fix half of their problems—they want a real deal. If you want to completely overhaul your look by rejuvenating and boosting your curves, then a breast lift with implants is the procedure for you. Women of any age, skin type, and body type can get a breast lift with implants. While many candidates for the breast lift with implants want to enhance tuberous or sagging breasts, patients can be candidates as long as they are relatively healthy and have realistic expectations for their results.

You’ve found the right procedure for you—but do you have the right surgeon? Finding the right surgeon is just important as the finding the right treatment, so make sure to look for a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Livingston. To get the truly perfect combination of the perfect treatment and surgeon, contact Livingston Plastic Surgery now, for a consultation.