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What to Know Before Getting a Facelift

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Have you recently spent time in front of your mirror, considering ways to improve your appearance? When the natural aging process creates loose skin on your cheeks, jawline, and neck, a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will provide valuable information on turning back the clock. A facelift can help minimize or erase many of… READ MORE

7 Tips For Caring For Your Skin After A Facelift Procedure

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After careful consideration, time, and research, you finally made the decision to take the concept of aging into your own hands with a facelift! Deciding to renew your youthful appearance with surgery is no easy task, and once your surgery is complete, you’ll want to protect and prolong your results for as long as possible…. READ MORE

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Why Facelifts are Growing More Popular with Younger People

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In the past, a facelift procedure has commonly been associated with those over the age of sixty to help smooth away the appearance of fine lines, drooping skin, and lost volume. However, in recent years, the surgery has gained popularity amongst the younger generation because of the significant benefits of having the procedure early rather… READ MORE

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Why Facelifts Are Popular During the Holidays

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The most wonderful time of the year may also be the busiest. Still, the holiday season is also one of the best times of the year to undergo plastic surgery, like facelifts and many different non-surgical enhancement procedures. It’s also a time for school vacations, time off work, family gatherings, and an opportunity to get… READ MORE

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New And Improved: Facelifts Through the Years

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Would you believe facelifts have been around longer than heart surgeries? A lot longer, since the early 1900s. Just as aging is nothing new, neither is the desire to slow or stop its effects. And while the idea of surgically changing a face may sound extreme to some, modern surgery has had decades to establish… READ MORE

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Is It Time to Move from Fillers to a Facelift?

Posted in Dermal Fillers, Facelift

\Visible aging is a process, especially in the face. For most of us, the earliest signs begin in our 30s and progress from there. Patients who look to use cosmetic treatments to keep their youthful appearance typically start with non-surgical procedures like neuromodulators or facial fillers. These injectables can work wonders in eliminating fine lines… READ MORE

Facelifts: 4 Fast Facts

Posted in Facelift, Plastic Surgery

While non-surgical rejuvenation procedures, such as injectables, can create dramatic and beautiful results, they can only do so much. Eventually, many patients find they need a facelift to achieve their aesthetic goals. If you are considering a facelift, you are not alone. Here are four fast facts about facelifts and their popularity: More than 120,000… READ MORE

Why Male Facelifts Are Gaining in Popularity

Posted in Facelift, Male Plastic Surgery

The need to look good—and therefore feel good—is a human need. It’s not bound to one specific gender, age group, race, or sexual orientation; instead, it’s a fundamental facet of human nature. It’s therefore little wonder that men are increasingly turning to facelift surgery in order to reverse the signs of aging. As social stigma… READ MORE

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Mini vs. Full Facelift: Which is Right for You?

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When it comes to facelift surgery, you don’t always have to go big or go home. Some patients can avoid the extended recovery time and risk of scarring that’s associated with full facelift surgery by having what is known as a “mini” facelift… But this lightweight procedure isn’t right for everyone. Here’s what you need… READ MORE