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Don’t Reinvent Yourself This Year 

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2017 goals

It’s that time of year again. Gym memberships are skyrocketing, planners have been bought, and shopping carts are full of “superfood” vegetables. It happens every time. You log in and your social media channels are filled with posts proclaiming “New Year, New Me!” It’s New Year’s resolution time.

Every year, people see this time of the year as an opportunity to make positive changes in their life. Unfortunately, only about 9% of people who make resolutions actually accomplish them.

Why can’t we keep up our resolutions? It’s mostly because we decide on lofty goals that are difficult to finish. Creating a brand new you is a tall order to fill, and furthermore, we think it’s unnecessary. In the new year, you don’t need a new you… you need a better you.

Why You Don’t Need a New You

You’re funny and smart. Taking on an attitude of creating a new you will prevent you from seeing how great you already are. Holding yourself to high standards is a good thing, but it becomes dangerous when you set unreasonable goals. Instead of resolving to make a new you this year, make small goals toward a better you.

Start by setting reasonable goals. Instead of deciding to become Martha Stewart by the seventh day, resolve to cook just one more meal at home each week. Instead of fitting back into your jeans from high school, resolve to pick up a daily apple instead of the bag of salty chips. Instead of signing up for that marathon with no training, resolve to daily walks after dinner.

You don’t have to completely change who you are to enjoy a happier, healthier life. Incremental goals will be much easier in helping you become the person you desire to be. Let us help you become that person at Livingston Plastic Surgery.

How We Can Help

The first step to a better you is taking care of yourself! Rejuvenate your skin this year with our full suite of Jacqueline’s Skin Care. Jacquie works in conjunction with Dr. Livingston with over 20 years of experience as a paramedical aesthetician. From chemical peels to microdermabrasion, your skin can be healthier than it’s ever been. Most of our skin care services can be done quickly and have little recovery time.

Another way you can achieve a better you is through a breast lift. A woman’s breasts can droop due to lack of skin elasticity or gravity. Getting a breast lift will raise and tighten your breasts giving you a more youthful look. After surgery, you will immediately notice the difference and many patients experience long-lasting results from the breast lift.

If you’re in your 20’s, have you considered getting Botox? You may consider it a procedure for older women, however, we have younger patients who are interested in exploring this option. Why? For prevention of deeper wrinkles. Botox appointments are usually short and the healing process is quick. If you’re feeling unsure, get more details and guidance in our botox blog or call us with your questions.

Simply put, we think you’re great. There’s no need to scrap who you are entirely this year. Instead of “New Year, New Me,” change it to “New Year, BETTER Me.” If you’re ready to create a better you, schedule a consultation. Our team at Livingston Plastic Surgery will have you feeling and looking better than you have in years!