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The Top Trending Cosmetic Surgeries

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Plastic surgery has become a normal part of staying youthful. In recent years, the focus has moved from big surgeries to smaller interventions. Plastic surgery has become more popular across the board, perhaps because elective tweaks here and there are becoming preferable over massive reconstructions.

A field once defined by breast implants and facelifts continues to evolve as new procedures are introduced, and the hottest celebrities inspire beauty trends. This is what we’re seeing.

Up with Lifts

Lifts and plastic surgery immediately bring work on the face to mind. Lifts have become popular for more than the brow area. Arms, thighs, tummy, and butt are all lift-able for a sleeker, slimmer profile.

The butt lift leads the way in popularity. From 2014 to 2015 the buttock lift was up by 36% and showed no signs of slowing down. On average, a butt augmentation surgery is performed every 30 minutes in the country.

Breasts—Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Recently, trends have moved away from supersized chests and towards smaller, more measured implants.

While breast lifts and augmentation are still popular, there has also been an increase in women (and men!) interested in breast reduction surgeries.

Even those looking to enhance rather than decrease their bust-lines are opting for smaller implants.

Large, Luscious Lips

The smash surgery of 2016 was the lip plumper. Often doctors encourage their patients to bring in images of looks they want to achieve, and through this practice we have seen directly how celebrity trends affect everyone else.

In years past, it was common to have a patient bring in a picture of Angelina Jolie’s plump lips. Recently, Angelina’s pout has been replaced by Kylie Jenner, whose social media stardom and mega-popular lip kits have made her a public figure for surgically-plumped lips.

Non-Invasive for the Face

Minimally-invasive procedures, such as injectables, are becoming a common part of aging, and even used as a preventative measure against wrinkles or sagging.

Before opting for a longer-lasting solution like a full facelift, patients are trying out fillers to counteract signs of aging, such as sagging jowls or hollowed cheeks. These are great stopgaps before deciding to make the plunge with more invasive options.

Botox, already popular, has increased in popularity by 759% since 2000. This goes to show that classics in the plastic surgery field are not to be ignored. It’s even gaining popularity among people in their 20s.

Going under the knife doesn’t have to be reserved for massive overhauls. As technology develops, more can be done with less, and downtime is decreasing. You can opt for larger interventions like a face or butt lift, or go small with injectables.

To find out what could work best for you, contact Dr. Livingston with any questions, or to set up a consultation.