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What is the Best Technique for Gluteal Augmentation?

Posted in Cosmetic Procedures, Plastic Surgery

There are several ways to augment or increase the buttock, semi-solid silicone implants, flaps of adajcent tissue, or fat transfer. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but the latest technique of fat autotransplantation has the benefits of easier recovery, smaller incisions, fewer complications, and lasting results. Essentially, liposuction is performed in a fatty area and the fat is then re-injected into the gluteal region to augment this area. Certainly some of the fat cells do not survive (approx 50%) but the remaining fat cells are revascularized and remain. Incisions are small and recovery is typically within 2-3 weeks. The added benefit is liposuction in other areas to harvest the fat for transfer. The cost is 5-10K depending on the amount of liposuction and transfer. Please call my office (832) 325-7611 or visit my website for additional information.