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Lifestyle and Plastic Surgery

Posted in Health & Wellness, Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeons often ask within the first several questions about diet and exercise. Why is this question so important? First and foremost, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary for overall health and longevity. Exercise is good for the heart, soul, and mind. There are numerous studies that prove exercise increases life  and quality of life. It may even improve your relationships. Plastic surgeons ask this question because cosmetic surgery, especially body contouring procedures, should be a reward for a healthy lifestyle. If patients wish to reduce their weight by liposuction, they will be very disappointed and sometimes blame their plastic surgeon for their unhappiness. Remember, plastic surgeons are only as good as the patients they choose. So I recommend being very honest with your board certified plastic surgeon about this very important health question. If you maintain your weight through a low calorie, high protein, low fat diet with moderation in proportions and exercise aerobically 3-4 times/week but still are unhappy with your shape, then cosmetic surgery can be a very rewarding experience. The surgery could be a shorter and easier procedure with shorter operative times, a quicker and less painful recovery, all of which, decrease the complication rates. I will turn away pateints that are not healthy or are untruthful with answers to the above question. I truly believe that this avoids potential problems and hopefully my patients respect my decision.