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How to Decide If You Need A Breast Augmentation or A Breast Lift

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A woman’s breasts can change throughout her life due to age, childbirth, weight fluctuation, gravity, and genetics. While the breasts can be a source of confidence and beauty, they can also be a source of unhappiness and bring a loss of confidence. At Livingston Plastic Surgery, Dr. Christopher K. Livingston is a board certified Houston-based… READ MORE

How to Pick Your Plastic Surgeon

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Last month, we talked about what to ask your surgeon before plastic surgery. But how should you decide which doctor or doctors to consult in the first place? If you live in a city, chances are you will have access to more than a few well-qualified plastic surgeons, and it will take some time to… READ MORE

What to Ask Your Surgeon Before Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery is a major commitment with lifelong results. As a consumer and patient, you should screen all of your options before deciding which surgeon is worth your time and money. All it takes is a look at a surgeon’s qualifications, ethics, communication skills and safety protocols – a far easier undertaking than you probably… READ MORE

Full Disclosure: Why You Must Tell Your Doctor Your Medical History

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Plastic surgery involves anesthesia, physical stress on the body, significant recovery time and post-op meds. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, your past medical history makes a difference! For your own health, it’s important that you be upfront about medications and supplements you’re taking, lifestyle habits (including the “every-couple-of-months cigarette”) and past medical conditions… READ MORE

Is Your Cosmetic Surgeon Qualified or An Imposter?

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Often portrayed as a “turf battle,” the issue of training and credentials in plastic surgery is actually an issue of public safety about which responsible doctors are necessarily concerned. Would you want your plastic surgery performed by someone who has never had any formal surgical training? It can easily happen … There are many physicians… READ MORE

Local Surgeon Among 1,467 Initiated into American College of Surgeons

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Chicago, IL – Dr. Christopher K. Livingston was among 1,467 initiates from around the world who became Fellows of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) during convocation ceremonies at the College’s 96th annual Clinical Congress in Washington, DC, last month.  Dr. Livingston received a medical doctorate degree in 1996 from University of Louisville School of… READ MORE