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Get Holiday Ready with our Favorite Fillers!

With holiday cheer quickly approaching and festive dinners and parties filling our holiday schedule, it may be time to spruce up appearances. Hair salons and boutiques will ensure we are currently in the latest fashions, but when it comes to…

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Will Drinking More Water Improve Your Skin?

The power of drinking water is underestimated by people looking to achieve beautiful skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ. It protects the body by storing water and lipids, serving as thermoregulation and preventing fluid loss. Drinking adequate amounts…

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A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) for a Curvier Figure

Are you currently satisfied with your figure? Specifically, are you happy with the shape of your butt? Or, if you had it your way, would you prefer a curvier figure? Let’s face facts: Though eating healthily and working out regularly…

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Fall Plastic Surgery Procedures You Should Book Now

An active summer has hopefully given you the encouragement to attain your ideal weight. The timing is perfect; booking a procedure now allows for a comfortable healing period and a full recovery before the upcoming holiday festivities. Lower Temperatures There…

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