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Facelifts are the New Black

While the resurgence of facelifts is seldom discussed in the media, there’s no question that this procedure is making a comeback and not for the reasons you might think. While facelift surgery had fallen out of the top five most…

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Am I A Good Candidate For A Tummy Tuck?

If you’re dreaming of a flat, taut stomach (and let’s face it—who isn’t?), then having a tummy tuck probably features prominently on your bucket list. Like all elective surgeries, however, there’s criteria to keep in mind regarding who is (and…

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5 Tips to Prepare for My Plastic Surgery Consultation

So, your plastic surgery consultation is coming up, and you’re probably wondering you can best prepare yourself for it. Your plastic surgery consultation will set the tone for the rest of your plastic surgery journey, so it’s essential that you…

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Is Bigger Better? Your Guide To Breast Implant Sizes

Is Bigger Better? Your Guide To Breast Implant Sizes Most people who have never had breast augmentation surgery have a particular image in mind when they think of a woman with implants: They immediately imagine a beautiful young glamor queen…

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Tips for Recovering from Plastic Surgery During the Summer

Summer is when businesses slow down, and people like to take vacations. It’s also a good time for recovering from plastic surgery. With procedures requiring extended healing periods like breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery, patients often need summer vacation…

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