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The Keys to A Confident Bikini Season

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three women in bikinis by the pool

Young or old, male or female, bikini season is a time when you want to look and feel your best. Between the backyard barbecues, pool parties and trips to the beach, you should be able to show off your body confidently. While age might make things seem harder, you still have several options to help you get ready for swimsuit season.

Non-Surgical Ways to Prepare for Bikini Season

Before pursuing any surgical procedures, try toning your body by embracing healthier habits.

Cut Out Junk Food

Eliminating problematic foods and beverages can have a profound effect on your body’s ability to lose weight. Things like ice cream, pizza and beer contain excessive sugar, fat and refined carbohydrates that actually slow down your metabolism while also adding to your calorie count! With processed foods and empty calories out of the equation, your healthier choices are more likely to show real results.

Focus Your Workouts

While it’s important for your fitness routine to be well rounded, emphasizing your core will help you sculpt some of that winter flab during the crunch time before bikini season! The following are just some of the best workouts for putting the squeeze on your problem areas!

  • Add Weights: To achieve more toned, well-defined results, add 5-10 lb. weights into your basic workouts when appropriate.
  • Squats and Lunges: They may be intense, but squats and lunges are especially important for a beach-ready body, giving your legs, triceps, shoulders and backside a thorough and efficient workout.
  • Push-Ups: If you’re in a hurry to achieve the beach body of your dreams, you may want to get in touch with your inner-body builder. When done properly, push-ups can simultaneously work out your chest, legs, arms, abs and backside   delivering increased strength and the defined tone you’re looking for.
  • Pilates: If you’re looking for a slightly less intense way to tone and strengthen your core, Pilates is a wonderfully well-rounded option. As Yoga’s more fitness-minded cousin, Pilates can do wonders for your abs and back, while providing the stimulating workout necessary for a slimmer, more toned appearance.

Refresh Your Skin

From blemishes and unwanted hair all the way to regrettable tattoos, your skin can carry the burden of age in a major way. Even with a well-sculpted figure, skin problems are a surefire way to zap your confidence during swimsuit season. If over the counter products simply aren’t doing the job, you should consider pursuing professional skin care to help you achieve, the smooth, vibrant skin that you remember.

Surgical Ways to Prepare for Bikini Season

Even with proper diet and exercise, some people’s stubborn spots just won’t go away. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and still aren’t achieving the body you deserve, then you might be an ideal candidate for plastic surgery. To get your body beach-ready, consider the following options:

Breast Procedures

When it comes to feeling confident in a swimsuit, both men and women struggle with their chests. Whether they’re too large or too small, breasts can be one of the biggest sources of insecurity come bikini season. For men and women who feel uncomfortable with the largeness of their breasts, breast reduction and Gynecomastia procedures are respectively viable options for achieving a shapelier figure.

Tummy Tuck

A stretched out, sagging belly is one of the quickest ways to lose confidence at the beach. If the proper combinations of diet and exercise just don’t seem to do the trick, you may want to consider receiving a tummy tuck.


Confidence is extremely personal. Even if your body’s trouble spots aren’t in the most prominent areas, their effect on your own body image can still be harmful enough to put a damper on bikini season. If you feel like you’ve tried everything but still aren’t seeing results, liposuction might be your best option to reduce localized fat deposits.

Buttock Augmentation

As important as it is to look good from the front, the back is what seals the deal. If you’re unhappy with the size/shape of your derrière, a buttock augmentation procedure might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Whether you desire something fuller and rounder, or something more tightly defined, buttock augmentation may be the perfect solution for achieving a better body balance.

Get Bikini-Level Confidence at Livingston Plastic Surgery

A healthy lifestyle is extremely important, but it can’t always fix everything. If you’re ready to start seeing the body you deserve, contact Livingston Plastic Surgery for a free consultation. From a full range of cosmetic procedures to our world class skin care options, we have all the options you need to make this swimsuit season your best yet.